Fibersol problem solver blog post

Fibersol®: The Problem-Solver

As a plant-based prebiotic fiber backed by science, Fibersol® gives you an edge, so you can deliver the nutritional products that today’s consumers want.

Filling the Fiber Gap
Fibersol® can help you fill consumers’ fiber gap between adequate intake and actual intake of dietary fiber. It can be a challenge for consumers to achieve the daily recommended value of fiber (28g for a typical 2,000 calorie/day diet in the U.S.) by simply consuming foods that are naturally high in fiber. That’s where Fibersol® comes in.

The Benefits Consumers Want
Problem-solving Fibersol® can add fiber—to virtually any application—with little to no impact on taste or texture, consumers’ top drivers when it comes to food and beverage purchases. Comfort is also of the utmost importance to consumers, who may abandon their efforts to consume more fiber if they encounter gastrointestinal discomfort.

Fibersol® can help your brand deliver the benefits consumers are looking for, including:

Prebiotic Benefits: Unlock Probiotics’ Potential

Fibersol® is a premier line of soluble prebiotic fibers that may help modulate the microbiome by nourishing the intestinal flora and promoting the growth of good bacteria.* And, since it is a well-tolerated prebiotic fiber, it invites consumers to come back for more.

Sugar Reduction: An Ideal Solution

Consumers want food and beverage options with reduced levels of added sugars, but they will not sacrifice taste nor texture to get them. Fibersol® can support sugar reduction by helping to build back structural integrity, improve mouthfeel and mask off notes from high-intensity sweeteners. It can be used up to 15 grams (dry basis) in any application and still add approximately 0.30 grams of sugars (typical value) to any given formulation.**

Digestive Health: Solving Consumers’ Discomfort Concerns

Consumers want digestive health benefits to address their everyday concerns, but they report that encountering a bad digestive experience will keep them from purchasing a fiber-enriched product again.1 Well-tolerated Fibersol® allows for positive nutrition with minimal gastrointestinal discomfort.

Satiety: Key to Keeping Hunger at Bay

Prompted by weight management efforts, holistic health concerns and more, consumers value products with satiety benefits to help them feel fuller, longer, decreasing the urge to snack in between meals. A clinical study has shown that 10g of Fibersol® with a meal may delay hunger and stimulated appetite-regulating hormones in healthy adults.

Proactive Health: Answering the Demand

Many of today’s consumers are choosing wholesome foods in an effort to promote a better lifestyle, support their immune system and try to prevent specific health conditions. Based on clinical studies, Fibersol® brings positive nutrition to your products, helping you meet consumers’ needs and desires regarding proactive health and giving you the opportunity to offer nutritional products that support targeted benefits and consumer messaging.

The Benefits Formulators Need
Fibersol® has little to no taste, texture or aroma of its own. It is an ideal drop-in solution for formulators seeking to add fiber—blending well, dispersing and dissolving easily.

The Fibersol® product line offers a long list of formulation features and benefits, including:

  • Use in virtually any application
  • Minimal formulation adjustments needed
  • Tasteless & odorless
  • Adds minimal viscosity
  • Heat & pH stability
  • Excellent binding properties
  • Extensive evidence of functional benefits
  • Non-GMO options available

From delivering the benefits consumers are looking for to those that make formulators’ jobs easier, Fibersol® is a real problem-solver for today’s foods, beverages and dietary supplements. Contact us to see how Fibersol® can solve your brand’s challenges.

1ADM Outside VoiceSM Fiber Consumer Study, 2019.

*At 15g per day (3.75g of Fibersol®-2 4x per day) Fibersol®:
• May help nourish the intestinal flora and maintain a healthy intestinal tract environment.†
• Supports front of pack claims “Contains/provides prebiotic fiber” on products with 3.25+g Fibersol.®‡
• Supports “Well-tolerated prebiotic” on applicable products.

†For a total of 15g per day over 3 weeks.
‡2.8g fiber from Fibersol®, corresponding to 10% DV for fiber.
§”Effect of Indigestible Dextrin on Visceral Fat Accumulation” Takushi Yamamoto, Kunio Yamamoto, Yoshinori Fukuhara, Toshihiro Fukui, Yuka Kishimoto, Kazuhiro Okuma, Yasuhiro Matsuoka, Koji Isozaki, Kazuhiro Nagao, Takae Yamamoto, Katto Tokunaga; Journal of Japanese Society for the Study of Obesity, 2007 (13) 34-41.

**15g Fibersol®-2 = 0.3g sugar, less than the FDA's 0.5g sugar content threshold for nutrition totals. Per the FDA: if a serving contains less than 0.5 grams of sugar, the content may be expressed as zero.