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Sauces and salad dressings add crave-worthy flavor and texture to culinary masterpieces, whether they are playing the supporting or leading role. Fibersol® has dietary fiber benefits and sugar reduction capabilities that allow you to develop delicious, better-for-you dips, sauces and dressings for today’s health-conscious consumers.

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Meet demands of calorie-counting consumers

With consumers eyeing ‘hidden’ added sugar content, culinary sauces, dips and salad dressings are under a high level of scrutiny.

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With Fibersol®, it’s easy to create a variety of fiber-enhanced culinary creations, including:

  • Sauces (retorted, dry)
  • Gravies (retorted, dry)
  • Salad dressings (spoonable, pourable, cold fill, hot fill)
  • Dip products (spoonable, pourable, cold fill, hot fill)
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Application benefits

Fibersol® works well in reduced sugar versions of applications that are typically high in sugar, because it can replace many of the functional properties of sugar. With Fibersol®, products can be better-for-you and still have the same appealing taste, texture and color.

Fibersol® brings these beneficial attributes to dip, sauce and salad dressing formulations:

  • Minimal formulation and process adjustments
  • Works well in spoonable and pourable dressings
  • Use in retort and dry sauces and gravies
  • Use in cold- or hot-fill dressings and dips
  • Heat and acid stable
  • Adds minimal viscosity

Ideal fiber solutions for dips, sauces and dressings

Fibersol®-2 (powder), Fibersol®-2L (liquid) and Fibersol®-2AG (agglomerated) are ideal solutions for dips and sauces products of all types.

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Dips and sauces solution highlight

When it comes to added sugar content, sauces and salad dressings—even though they may have smaller serving sizes—are the second-most scrutinized category of culinary ingredients.

As well as added dietary fiber, Fibersol® offers up functional benefits—such as replacing unnecessary calories from sugar and fat—so you can give consumers crave-worthy extras, without the extra calories. At Fibersol®, our applications support team, sensory experts and ADM’s culinary facilities also make the entire process easier.

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