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Fiber and wellness

Holistic wellness is going mainstream. The concept of proactive health resonates with consumers who believe that food choices can significantly contribute to their overall health and wellness.

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Connecting gut health to overall well-being

Beyond healthy digestion, today’s consumers care about holistic gut health, as they connect the gut to overall well-being.

As more consumers make daily decisions based on their proactive and holistic approaches to wellness, fiber consumption is top of mind. Consumers believe fiber is important to their diet, are familiar with its benefits, and want foods that can help them achieve a wide array of wellness goals.

With these approaches to wellness, prebiotic dietary fiber is:

  • Becoming a sought-after ingredient
  • Valued for its support of the microbiome, and there is a growing attention on the role of the microbiome in overall health, mood, and mental focus
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Consumers have never had more information—or been more savvy—regarding the role food plays in their overall wellness.

Younger generations may be focused on health performance and feel that health and wellness is also about looking better and feeling good. Older generations may be focused on healthy aging, wishing to prolong their overall health & well-being.* In the middle, parents of young children are working to incorporate win-win foods that strike a balance of being healthy and kid-friendly.

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Fibersol® and wellness solutions

Progressive wellness consumers are trading up for foods containing ingredients that are satiating; fiber is high on that list.

Fibersol® helps you deliver potential wellness benefits to consumers, by:

  • Helping reduce post-meal blood glucose and insulin response
  • Helping retain healthy blood triglyceride levels

*Outside VoiceSM Fiber Consumer Study, 2019