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Dietary fiber and healthy digestion go hand in hand, since fiber is known to promote regularity and improve digestive health via intestinal movement.

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Consumers and digestive health

Consumers of all ages have typically turned to dietary fiber for assistance in addressing typical digestive complaints. They seek the benefits of dietary fiber to support or maintain regularity without discomfort, relieve occasional constipation, and improve metabolic health.

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The Fibersol® advantage

Fibersol® can help deliver the desired benefits of fiber with less digestive intolerance or gastric discomfort of other types of dietary fiber. Since Fibersol® is fermented in the colon at a slower rate compared to other soluble fibers such as inulin or oligofructose, it helps minimize bloating and gastric discomfort. Fibersol® is proven to be well tolerated at levels significantly higher than other fibers.

The daily recommended value (DRV) of fiber in the U.S. is 28g for a typical 2,000 calorie per day diet. With a daily limit of just 10-15g, inulin falls far short of the DRV.

Fibersol® is well tolerated up to 68g a day—over 4x that of inulin—so it’s easier for consumers to take in the recommended amount of daily fiber, with less discomfort than other fibers.

Fibersol® delivers well-tolerated dietary fiber as well as functional benefits, all backed by highly reputable clinical studies conducted on actual Fibersol® products.

Fibersol® is a prebiotic fiber* that not only supports digestion, but helps answer consumers’ desire for a holistic approach to their overall gut health and support of their microbiome

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Digestive health science you can trust

At 3-8g of Fibersol® daily for two weeks, clinical studies have shown that Fibersol®:

  • Helps support or maintain intestinal regularity
  • Helps relieve occasional constipation
  • May support gut health
  • Improves stool consistency (selected studies)

Fibersol®: the problem-solver

Solving consumers’ discomfort concerns
Consumers report that encountering a bad digestive experience will keep them from purchasing a fiber-enriched product again. Products containing less-tolerable fiber ingredients may give consumers discomfort, especially if they consume fiber-enriched foods throughout their day. Fibersol® allows for positive nutrition and indulgences with minimal gastrointestinal discomfort—from morning to night.

Fibersol® is certified low FODMAP** by Monash University, Australia—proving Fibersol® is well tolerated.

Well-tolerated Fibersol® helps support digestion, comfortably.

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2 OutsideVoiceSM Fiber Consumer Study, 2019
*A substrate that is selectively utilized by host microorganisms conferring a health benefit.
**FODMAP - Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides, and Polyols (FODMAP), which are short-chain carbohydrates and sugar alcohols that are poorly absorbed by the body, resulting in abdominal pain and bloating.