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Fibersol® Advantage

Fibersol® gives you an edge because it goes beyond average fibers—with winning market innovation. We leverage global macro trends to better understand consumer culture and behavior, and inform our portfolio innovation so you can deliver the positive nutrition today’s consumers desire.

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Formulate with Fibersol®

Fibersol® low-viscosity soluble prebiotic dietary fiber ingredients can increase the fiber content and improve the nutritional profile of many food and beverage applications.

With consumers focusing more on functional foods and seeking “better-for-you” options, Fibersol® delivers on adding fiber to wide ranging applications, while maintaining the great taste and texture consumers keep coming back for.

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Creating Your Label

Together, Archer Daniels Midland Company and Matsutani LLC support the worldwide sales and marketing of the Fibersol® line of soluble dietary fiber ingredients with over 30 years of clinical research experience.

Fibersol® can be used to formulate “cleaner” products with labels to make your food, beverage and supplement products stand out on the shelf.

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How Fiber

Adds Up

Looking to increase the fiber content of a finished product? Check out how to incorporate Fibersol®-2 into an already established formulation by using our fiber calculator.

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From ongoing clinical research to a winning product research & development approach and practical help with reformulation, we provide the support our customers need to bring market-leading products to life.

For additional information or to request samples, contact us here.

Fibersol innovation success stories

Innovation success stories

Fibersol® has been used to develop innovative fiber-rich and great-tasting foods that surprise and delight consumers. Here are two examples:

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Vegan Mint Chocolate Chunk Frozen Dessert