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Whenever possible, parents work to incorporate win-win foods and beverages—striking a balance of healthy and kid-friendly—into their children’s diets.

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Balancing delicious and nutritious

Now more than ever, parents are looking for kids’ nutrition products that are delicious and nutritious. Parents often worry that children are taking in empty calories with foods and sugary beverages that lack necessary nutrients, specifically those derived from plant-based foods like veggies, such as dietary fiber.

Parents simply want kids to eat better

Rather than giving kids supplements or pills, parents prefer their children get added nutrients from the foods and beverages they eat and drink.

Parents are reading nutrition labels to make informed choices. They are avoiding products that contain unhealthy additives and added sweeteners, like syrups. Instead, they are searching for better-tasting food and beverage products with more positive nutrition benefits such as added dietary fiber.

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The Fibersol® advantage

There’s a huge opportunity for fiber-enriched products that are both mom- and kid-approved. Serving up fiber in fun formats like gummies and dried fruits is a great way to appeal to kids and teens.

Through our ADM Outside VoiceSM proprietary qualitative research study, we studied the primary and shared decision-makers for kids’ nutrition, and found that added nutrients, such as dietary fiber are driving parents’ food & beverage choices at key eating occasions.

If nutrients such as dietary fiber can be found in foods beyond vegetables, it’s easier for parents to incorporate them into their kids’ daily intake. Parents balance a very fine line: how to deliver nutritious snacks that still appeal to kids’ taste buds.

Win-win foods allow parents to feed kids what they already love—and pack more dietary fiber into their daily intake—during key meal and snacking occasions.

Since Fibersol® has little to no impact on taste or texture, it is an ideal drop-in solution for formulators seeking to add fiber and reduce sugar. It gives formulators the ability to replace sugars and still provide tasty consumer-pleasing products. In food products, it builds back the structural integrity in reduced sugar baked goods, and in beverages it adds mouthfeel and sweetness quality.

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Creating win-win foods

It can be a challenge to create foods, beverages, snacks—and even treats—that deliver the flavors kids love while also being rich in positive nutrition. Fibersol® can help deliver products that offer fiber and other nutrients needed to support an overall healthier diet for kids of all ages.

Reducing the sugar but not the experience

Delicious often means ‘sweet’ to kids, but it is possible to reduce sugar content and still create fun, fruity and delicious snacks and beverages. Fibersol® helps create better-for-you, great-tasting snacks full of fruit goodness with just the right amount of sweetness, fewer added sugars and the bonus of dietary fiber.

Turns out, you can deliver the taste and texture kids love and the nutrition parents demand.

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