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Consumers want healthy indulgences like better-for-you confections. With Fibersol®, developers can deliver what consumers want, with a well-tolerated dietary fiber.

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Indulge consumers with better-for-you confections

Consumers are looking for confections they can indulge in without having to worry about the consequences of added sugars and calories.

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Because Fibersol® is compatible with many confectionery products, it can be added to almost any application, including:

  • Fillings and toppings
  • Gummies
  • Chocolate
  • Hard candy
  • Soft chews
  • Caramels
  • And more
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Application benefits

Successfully create better-for-you treats that don’t compromise flavor, mouthfeel or texture, with Fibersol®.

Fibersol® brings these beneficial attributes to confectionery formulations:

Sugar Reduction

  • Gummies
  • Hard/soft candies
  • Chocolate

Ideal fiber solution for confectionery

Fibersol®-2 (powder), Fibersol®-2L (liquid) and Fibersol®-2AG (agglomerated) are ideal solutions for confectionery products of all types.

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Confectionery solution highlight

Delivering decadence and fiber all in one can be a challenge, especially when consumers want great taste and texture along with functional benefits. At Fibersol® we make it easy, with the assistance of our applications support team, sensory experts and ADM’s culinary facilities tailored to provide the formulation support you need.

Fibersol® not only adds fiber, but helps reduce sugar and calories—for a feel-good indulgence they’ll devour, in a decadent flavored chocolate.

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