Fiber Calculator

How to add fiber and formulate with Fibersol®-2

Step One:

Determine the amount of fiber to be achieved with the addition of Fibersol® in a finished product, per gram basis.

Amount of Fibersol® used to achieve the above fiber content


Step Two:

Determine the serving size, in gram weight, of the final product that Fibersol® is being incorporated.**

Amount of Fibersol® to be incorporated into formula as a percentage


Step Three:

During baking and other processes, moisture may be lost. If no moisture is lost, then stop at Step 2.

If moisture is lost, enter the percent moisture loss to obtain the percent Fibersol® to be used in formulation (as is basis.)


Possible fiber source claim aichieved when all parameters are met

* Please refer to CFR Title 21 Database when making claims.

** Serving size entered may not be FDA established RACC serving size.