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The microbiome—the genetic material of all the microbes in the human body—has been the focus of intense interest and research in recent years.

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The microbiome and immune system connection

Microbiome modulation can play an important role in promoting metabolic health, digestive health and much more.

A healthy immune system is the body’s vital defense against infectious organisms. The immune cells are in constant communication with the gut microbes, and that relationship is necessary for optimal functioning of the immune system.

Consumers, holistic gut health and the microbiome

Beyond healthy digestion, today’s consumers also care about holistic gut health due to the gut microbiome’s association with overall well-being.

Some consumers consider the microbiome to be the ultimate root of wellness. They associate a healthy gut microbiome with a range of benefits.

Increasingly aware of their health, many consumers are looking for functional foods and beverages and other non-drug solutions to support their overall wellness. Microbiome solutions that address targets related to overall health and wellness are available in a range of products including those containing prebiotic dietary fibers.

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Prebiotic fiber and the microbiome

Prebiotic fiber is also associated with a healthy gut microbiome and the holistic health benefits that accompany it.

As consumers take proactive and holistic approaches to wellness, prebiotic dietary fiber is:

  • Becoming a sought-after ingredient
  • Valued for its support of the microbiome, and the microbiome has been associated with overall health, mood and mental focus

Prebiotic fiber can help promote beneficial microbes in the gut microbiome composition. The gut microbiome is necessary for overall functioning of the immune system/for the overall immune system function.

Not all fiber is created equal—and dietary fiber that meets the definition of a prebiotic answers consumers’ desires for a holistic approach to digestive health and microbiome support.

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Fibersol® and proactive health

Fibersol® is a high-quality prebiotic fiber that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. Clinical studies show that 6g of Fibersol® per serving* may help nourish the intestinal flora and maintain a healthy intestinal tract environment.

Fibersol® helps you meet two distinct consumer demands, with these benefits: healthy digestion and gut microflora support.

The rising interest in the gut microbiome and its connection to overall health is an exciting reason to turn to Fibersol® for new, on-trend product development.

Focused on the microbiome

For more than 20 years, ADM, part of the joint venture supporting Fibersol®, has worked to understand the complex relationship between the microbiome and consumer-driven targets. Our goal has been to offer science-backed, microbiome-based solutions to our customers across human nutrition—from foods and beverages to dietary supplements.

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*6g/serving is based on data showing 25g/day, which is allowed to be divided into 4 daily servings.
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