fiber-ful dairy alternatives

With Fibersol®, you can create fiber-enriched dairy alternatives including plant-based beverages and frozen desserts with the same rich taste and creamy texture as their traditional dairy counterparts. In addition to adding high-quality prebiotic fiber to your formulation, Fibersol® helps mask any off-notes from plant proteins and high-intensity sweeteners.

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Next-gen dairy alternatives for demanding consumers

Consumers turn to dairy alternatives for a variety of reasons, from digestive issues such as lactose intolerance to dietary preferences including plant-based lifestyles. One constant remains—their demand for a great eating experience with desirable taste and texture.

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With Fibersol®, it’s easy to create a variety of fiber-enriched dairy alternative products, including:

  • Plant-based beverages & powder mixes
  • Plant-based cream analogues & fermented products
  • Frozen desserts & novelties
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Application benefits

Fibersol® delivers the following beneficial attributes to dairy alternative applications:

  • Sugar, Fat and Carb Reduction
  • Mouthfeel Enhancer

Ideal fiber solutions for beverages

Fibersol®-2 (powder) and Fibersol®-2AG (agglomerated), are ideal solutions for dairy alternative products, including beverages.

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Dairy alternative solution highlight

Reducing sugar and increasing the health benefits are key to winning consumers in the plant-based category. Adding fiber and other nutrients can go a long way to provide positive nutrition and help consumers follow an overall healthier diet—as long as it all still tastes great. Fibersol® makes it easier with tailored formulation support from our applications support team, sensory experts and ADM’s culinary facilities.

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