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Fibersol® helps open up new paths for sugar reduction success, so you can take advantage of opportunities in the growing ‘reduced sugar’ space.

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Sugar reduction: trending with consumers

Consumers are increasingly concerned about obesity and related health issues, and as a result, they have an increased interest in low-calorie, reduced- and no-sugar products. At the same time, nutrition panels are starting to call out “added sugars,” giving consumers a new reason to compare product labels and to look for “no added sugars.”

Less calories with great taste
Consumers want food and beverage options with reduced levels of added sugars, giving products that have ‘no added sugars’ label claims an edge in the market.

At the same time, balancing calories and great taste is key, because consumers may want reduced sugar, but they will not sacrifice taste nor texture to get it.

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The technical details

Fibersol® itself is low in sugar. Because it contains very few simple sugars, Fibersol® can:

  • Help support label claims of low-/reduced-sugar; no sugar added; sugar-free; and no-/reduced-calories
  • Be used up to 15 grams (dry basis) in any application and still add approximately 0.30 grams of sugars (typical value) to any given formulation**

Depending on the application, Fibersol® provides solutions for significant sugar reduction and noticeable calorie reduction, with the ability to reduce sugar up to 30%. In certain applications, Fibersol® may help facilitate close to 100% sugar reduction in conjunction with high intensity sweeteners.

Fibersol® blends well:

  • Dispersing and dissolving easily
  • Providing no taste or aroma

It works extremely well with most sweetener systems, especially in beverages where reducing sugar often decreases mouthfeel and adds off notes.

Where sweeteners are used to reduce sugar, Fibersol® helps to deliver on taste and texture, because it helps:

  • Mask bitterness
  • Balance the flavor profile
  • Improve mouthfeel
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The Fibersol® advantage

Fibersol® low-viscosity soluble prebiotic dietary fiber can replace many of the functional properties of sugar, offering a real option to reduce sugar and achieve caloric reduction.

It gives formulators the ability to largely replace sugars and still provide tasty consumer-pleasing products. In food products, Fibersol® builds back the structural integrity in reduced sugar baked goods and other snacks. In beverages, Fibersol® adds mouthfeel and sweetness quality, and can help mask off notes created by the use of high-intensity sweeteners.

Since Fibersol® has little to no taste or texture of its own, it is an ideal drop-in solution for formulators seeking to add fiber and reduce sugar.

What’s more, Fibersol® supports in-demand reduced-sugar products with the added nutritional advantage of dietary fiber—and corresponding ‘excellent source’ and ‘good source’ claims.

Not only is Fibersol® a low net carb* solution, it has also been shown to have superior tolerance levels, even at higher use rates.

With Fibersol®, you can give consumers the reduced sugars and calories they want and the great taste they demand.

Fibersol®: the problem-solver

Products such as yogurt, fruit-based snacks, and even savory sauces may leave consumers surprised about how much added sugars they contain.

Since sugars also influence texture and other quality characteristics, formulators may attempt to maintain quality in other ways, and the resulting reformulations may not necessarily be lower in calories.

Fibersol® with a touch of high-intensity sweetener brings down sugar content while building back structural integrity, improving mouthfeel and masking the off notes that high-intensity sweeteners often bring.

watch and find out more about low-sugar, low-calorie options with Fibersol®

Low-Sugar, Low-Calorie Options with Fibersol®
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for kids

When it comes to their kids’ nutrition, parents are reading labels to make informed choices, especially about added sugars.

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2 ADM Fiber Occasions, 2019
3 Mintel GNPD, 2019 “Tap into the multiple benefits of functional fibers”
*Total carbs less dietary fiber
**15g Fibersol®-2 = 0.3g sugar, less than the FDA's 0.5g sugar content threshold for nutrition totals. Per the FDA: if a serving contains less than 0.5 grams of sugar, the content may be expressed as zero