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Satiety means more to today’s consumers, prompted by everything from weight management efforts to holistic health concerns. Consumers value products that help them feel fuller, longer.

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Satiety and consumers

Consumers link products with satiety benefits to weight management efforts as they report it helps them snack less because they feel fuller, longer.

When they do snack, consumers enjoy the benefit of delayed hunger from foods and beverages that are rich in fiber.

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The Fibersol® advantage

Fibersol®, a soluble prebiotic dietary fiber, may impact satiety by decreasing hunger, prolonging satiation or increasing satiety signals from the gut. Not every form of dietary fiber may provide a similar result, but Fibersol®’s slow fermentation soluble dietary fiber may help keep hunger at bay in foods—as well as beverages, where it can typically be difficult to deliver fiber.

Fibersol® is the perfect ingredient to add value to nutritional and supplement products, with a list of supporting benefits including increased dietary fiber content, increased satiety, prebiotic qualities, and excellent sugar reduction enablement.

Satiety for wellness

The concept of holistic health resonates with consumers who recognize that their food choices impact both their physical and mental states. Fibersol® may have an impact on certain hormones related to food-intake hormones, making it a great choice for products geared towards consumers who value holistic health. It can also be used to replace sugars that cause a greater rise in blood glucose following a meal.

Demonstrated satiety benefits
A clinical study has shown 10g of Fibersol® with a meal delayed hunger, prolonged satisfaction, and stimulated appetite regulating hormones in healthy adults.

Key applications

Fibersol® in key applications for potential satiety effects

Because Fibersol® is acid-, heat- and process-stable, it is easy to formulate in beverages and bars—some of the most popular weight-management products. It also fits perfectly into on-the-go applications, providing a nutritional advantage and plausible (or potential) satiety benefits to bars, smoothies, dried fruit snacks and more.

  • Weight management shakes
  • Next-gen on-the-go beverages & bars
  • Any variety of products featuring protein + fiber combinations

Fibersol®: the problem-solver

Hectic, modern lives mean less time for sit-down meals. It’s no secret that feeling full for longer goes a long way towards decreasing the urge to snack in between meals. Consumers can feel not only satisfied in terms of their hunger, but well-nourished and can take satisfaction in knowing these foods and beverages are providing them additional nutritional benefits that contribute to their well-being.

Fibersol® makes it easier for formulators to meet the challenge of providing foods that may have an effect on satiety which can be included in various weight management and nutritional products.

In addition to potentially helping consumers feel satiated longer, 4-6g of Fibersol® with a meal has been shown to minimize blood sugar spikes after a meal and reduce the rise in blood insulin levels after a meal.

These are the real physiological changes in the body that consumers associate with perception of low energy and lacking mental stamina.

Today’s lifestyle diets are raising the stakes when it comes to the demand for satiety.

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