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Consumers are getting proactive about their health—and the role food plays in their overall wellness. Foods with dietary fiber can play a strong part in delivering healthy nutrition in mainstream products, as the proactive health trend expands.

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Proactive consumers and dietary fiber

Consumers across generations are motivated to eat for health—from the fittest consumers seeking to manage their health holistically, to increasingly younger consumers who have been warned to modify their lifestyles in order to avoid future health risks.

Many of today’s consumers are choosing wholesome foods in an effort to promote a better lifestyle, support their immune system, and try to prevent specific health conditions, creating new opportunities for tailored nutrition products.

Dietary fiber & proactive health
Fiber is a nutrient of public health concern.*

Fibersol wellness proactive advantage

The Fibersol® advantage

Fibersol® brings positive nutrition to your products, helping you meet cross-generational consumers’ needs and desires regarding proactive health.

Including Fibersol® in your formulation gives you the opportunity to offer nutritional fiber-enriched products based on clinical studies to support targeted benefits and consumer messaging.

Fibersol® in key proactive health applications

  • Dietary supplements
  • Nutritional beverages
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beneficial microbes

Prebiotic fiber is also becoming associated with a healthy gut microbiome, and the holistic health benefits associated with it. Fibersol® is a high-quality prebiotic dietary fiber that is metabolized by beneficial gut microbes.

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2 Mintel “Dive into the latest diet trends” 2019
*Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025