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Digestive health may be a top reason consumers seek dietary fiber, but fiber is about more than just solving digestive problems. Consumers are also turning to fiber-enriched foods and beverages for many reasons including weight management, satiety, wellness, and even insulin/blood glucose maintenance benefits.

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Consumers, fiber and lifestyle diets

In contrast to past generations, many of today’s consumers are eating not just to sustain themselves, but to help manage and maintain optimum health. This trend has been fueled by more robust scientific evidence on the role of eating with respect to health (e.g., eating too much sugar and calorie dense processed foods can lead to obesity, diabetes and other complications). This is creating new opportunities for today’s lifestyle diets.

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With fiber’s versatility in supporting multiple nutritional benefits, it is unsurprising that most modern lifestyle diets are rich in fiber, including:

  • Mediterranean
  • Keto
  • Paleo
  • Flexitarian
  • Dash (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension)
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Satiety has never meant more for consumers

Products with satiety benefits may give consumers confidence in their weight management efforts—because they may feel fuller, longer. In terms of overall wellness, consumers not only satisfy their hunger, but can take satisfaction in knowing these foods and beverages are providing them with additional nutritional benefits that contribute to their well-being. Fiber is also beneficial in that it helps regulate the body’s use of sugars, helping to keep hunger and blood sugar levels in check.

Giving fiber credit

Consumers are choosing wholesome foods in an effort to support their immune system and promote a better lifestyle, while avoiding specific health conditions. They credit fiber with a long list of benefits,3 including:

  • Healthy digestion
  • Satiety—delays hunger, suppresses appetite
  • Weight management
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Regulates blood sugar
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On-the-go, in-flux daily lifestyles mean the increase of mobile eating and drinking occasions and a world of opportunities for grab-and-go foods and beverages. Consumers have elevated their snacking to include more nutritious snacks such as vegetable chips, high fiber chips, lentil chips, and more.

As on-the-go consumers reach for convenient grab-and-go formats, fiber can deliver with products that are:

  • Easy to consume
  • Nutritious
  • Satiating
  • Delicious

Consumers won’t compromise when it comes to taste and texture, and Fibersol® delivers!

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Proven satiety and physiological benefits

Over 30 years of clinical research and more than 100 published studies demonstrate Fibersol®’s physiological benefits that support consumers in their digestive health.

  • Helps support or maintain intestinal regularity
  • May stimulate appetite-regulating hormones (limited evidence)
  • May delay hunger
  • Post-meal blood glucose response management
  • Helps retain healthy serum triglyceride levels

Limited evidence shows that for healthy adults, 10g of Fibersol® with a meal:

  • May stimulate production of hormones associate with hunger and satiety
  • May enhance satiety
  • May delay hunger

In addition to potentially helping consumers feel satiated longer, 4-6g of Fibersol® with a meal has been shown to:

  • Minimize post-meal blood sugar spikes
  • Help reduce the rise in post-meal blood insulin levels

This means Fibersol® can also be used to replace sugars that cause a greater rise in blood glucose following a meal, which consumers associate with perception of low energy throughout the day.

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The Fibersol® advantage

Not every form of dietary fiber automatically provides a similar result, but Fibersol®’s slow fermenting soluble dietary fiber may provide both reduced subjective hunger feelings and accompanying increased hormones associated with satiety in the blood. Fibersol® makes it easier for formulators to meet the challenge of providing foods that may aid in feelings or perceptions of satiety.

Fibersol® is prebiotic, and not every dietary fiber can say the same. As a prebiotic dietary fiber, Fibersol® “feeds” the good bacteria in the gut, providing changes in the gut microbial composition associated with benefits for the consumer. A healthy microbiome is linked to digestive health and other benefits.

And because Fibersol® is 90% fiber and acid-, heat- and process-stable, it is easy to formulate in beverages and bars—some of the most popular formats for weight-management products.

Fibersol®: the problem-solver

The low carb/low sugar challenge
Consumers want products that support their lifestyle diets. Whether someone is following the keto diet or another regimen, the combination of low carbs and low sugar is appealing for weight-conscious consumers. Many types of fiber, like oats and legumes, come with a high carb count, making them unfriendly to keto dieters.

Not only is Fibersol® a low net carb* solution, it has been shown to have superior tolerance levels, even at higher use rates.

Progressive wellness consumers are trading up for foods that contain ingredients that are both satiating and energizing; fiber is high on that list. A product that delivers reduced calories and nutritional quality can really stand out in today’s market.

No matter which regimen they follow, weight-conscious consumers find low carb/low sugar combinations appealing. Some types of fiber come with a high carb count, but Fibersol® is a low net carb* solution.

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2 Mintel “Dive into the latest diet trends” 2019
3 OutsideVoiceSM Fiber Consumer Study, 2019
*Low net carbs: total carbs less dietary fiber