Low-Calorie, Low-Carb & Non-Alcoholic Beer

Brew Like a Pro

Fibersol® is where simplicity meets high quality in the world of brewing. This premier line of soluble fiber is a resistant maltodextrin, making it easy to incorporate into your brewing process, enhancing the drinking experience by significantly improving mouthfeel, taste and head retention.

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Behind the Brew

Each batch brewed with Fibersol®, a novel ingredient, provides functional benefits to your low-carb, low-calorie and non-alcoholic beer.

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The Challenges Fibersol® Helps Solve:

  • Non-alcoholic and low-carb beers often have low head volume and poor foam stability
  • The thin mouthfeel of most non-alcoholic and low-carb beers results in a poor drinking experience
  • Non-alcoholic and low-carb beers often have weak flavor
Benefits on tap

Benefits on Tap

Replacement of Simple Carbs

  • Reduces calories


  • Creates body and adds rich texture
  • No change in flavor or color
  • Improves drinking experience

Foam Stability

  • Adds viscosity to promote foam stability
  • Reduces size of bubbles in the foam
  • Increases volume of head

Other Formulation Benefits

  • Superior solubility
  • Easily dispersed into liquid
  • Distinct freeze/thaw stability advantage
  • Maintains greater stability during extreme processing conditions

Keep the Head High

Fibersol® adds a crucial element to the brewing process—viscosity—which plays a vital role in promoting foam stability.

Fibersol® helps to boost the volume of the head, significantly improving its volume and reducing the size of the bubbles in the foam. These changes contribute to a richer, more authentic drinking experience.

Keep the head high

Easy to Use at Any Brewing Stage

Fibersol® stands out in the brewing industry due to its exceptional versatility and it can be seamlessly integrated at any stage of the beer manufacturing process.

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