Fibersol-LQ FAQ's Fibersol-LQ

Fibersol®-LQ FAQ’s

1. What is the best way to incorporate Fibersol®-LQ into baked goods?
A: The Fibersol line of products can be used in a variety of baked good applications. The Fibersol product to be considered in application development should be selected based upon finished product nutritional and finished product characteristics to be achieved. For example, Fibersol-2 contains 90% dietary fiber and 2% sugars and Fibersol-LQ has 75% dietary fiber and 25% sugars. One must understand how the sugar profile and fiber content of the ingredient can impact finished product nutritionals. Fibersol-LQ can be used in a variety of baked goods. Generally, Fibersol-LQ can replace the corn syrup at a one-for-one replacement in many baked good applications. Since Fibersol-LQ may be labeled either as corn syrup or soluble corn fiber, switching from standard corn syrup to Fibersol-LQ may have little impact upon your ingredient statement.

2. Q: How can Fibersol®-LQ be incorporated into food and beverage applications? 

A: Fibersol®-LQ can be incorporated in many applications with minimal formulation adjustments. Fibersol®-LQ is used in a formulation in the same manner as standard corn syrup. It provides 75 percent dietary fiber on a dry solids basis, and is 80 percent of total solids. Fibersol®-LQ is suited for applications where fiber enrichment is needed, along with added sweetness and humectancy. It is particularly well-suited for snack and nutrition bars in the binder portion, beverages, bakery items, and snack foods.

3. Q: What type of claims can be made by incorporating Fibersol®-LQ into foods and beverages? 

A: In support of nutrient content claims, factors such as the amount of total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium in the finished food must be taken into account to allow a claim. Standard of identity must be properly maintained when incorporating Fibersol®-LQ into any application and additional qualifications will apply.

In order to make a “good source/10%+ Daily Value” of fiber claim, 3.4 grams d.s.b. of Fibersol®-LQ, per serving basis, must be used in order to reach the 2.5 gram amount needed in qualifying foods, assuming Fibersol®-LQ is the sole source of dietary fiber in the application.

In order to make an “excellent source/20+% Daily Value” of fiber claim, 6.7 grams d.s.b. of Fibersol®-LQ, per serving basis, must be used in order to reach the 5.0 gram amount needed in qualifying foods, assuming Fibersol®-LQ is the sole source of dietary fiber in the application.

4. Q: How can the Fibersol®-LQ calculator help in formulation development? 

A: The Fibersol®-LQ calculator has been built to show formulators how to incorporate Fibersol®-LQ into an established formulation in order to increase the fiber content of a finished product. The calculator goes through two easy steps to follow in order to understand the amount of Fibersol®-LQ to be used in the formulation. Following the steps and inputting the values of the amount of fiber to be achieved in the finished product and the serving size of the finished product, a quick calculation is performed and the amount of Fibersol®-LQ to be incorporated into the formula is given as a percentage. In addition, the possible fiber claim is given in the output. Please refer to CFR Title 21 Database when making claims.

5. Q: Is Fibersol®-LQ heat stable? 

A: Fibersol®-LQ is very heat stable. Fibersol®-LQ maintains fiber content during thermal processing.

6. Q: Does Fibersol®-LQ maintain clarity in beverage formulations? 

A: Fibersol®-LQ forms a clear solution, allowing for clarity in the finished product containing Fibersol®-LQ.

7. Q: Does Fibersol®-LQ brown in high heat processing? 

A: Fibersol®-LQ does undergo minimal caramelization in thermal processing similar to other carbohydrate ingredients.

8. Q: What is Fibersol®-LQ ‘s acceptable daily intake?

A: Fibersol®-LQ meets the requirements for GRAS, as corn syrup in the U.S., and no limitation on the amount of daily intake is laid down. Fibersol®-LQ has a high digestive tolerance and is non-allergenic.

9. Q: Why use Fibersol®-LQ in food and beverage products?
Most U.S. adults eat only about 14-16 grams of fiber each day, which is about half of the 28-35 grams recommended by the Institute of Medicine (Bialostosky K, et al. Dietary intake of macronutrients, micronutrients and other dietary constituents: United States 1988-94. National Center for Health Statistics. Vital Health Stat. 11 (245). 2002). The IOM Food and Nutrition Board has recommended that fiber be consumed at a rate of 14 grams total/ 1000 kcals per day to reduce the risk of chronic disease. Recommendations for adult men are 30-38 grams total fiber/day and 21-25 grams total fiber/day for adult women (IOM, 2005). By incorporating Fibersol®-LQ into well-liked confections, overall dietary fiber consumption can be increased.

10. Q: How sweet is the FS-LQ product? How do I formulate it into my bakery item? How much sugar (sweetener) can I remove from my formula? Is it a 1:1 replacement?
A: Fibersol®-LQ has similar sweetness to 36 DE corn syrup. It can be incorporated into any application that a standard corn syrup can be.