Fibersol fiber ingredient used in ice cream Fibersol-2

What is Fibersol®-2?

Fibersol®-2 digestion-resistant maltodextrin is a soluble corn fiber that acts as a low-calorie bulking agent containing 90 percent dietary fiber. It can be used with minimal formulation adjustments in a variety of food applications to maintain or improve a product’s desired attributes. Even at significant levels, Fibersol®-2 doesn’t affect taste or viscosity. Fibersol®-2, digestion resistant maltodextrin, is a spray-dried powder produced by a proprietary method of controlled enzymatic hydrolysis of cornstarch. It has numerous starch linkages that remain undigested by enzymes of the human digestive tract. It has been recognized as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) by the Food and Drug Administration and certified Kosher and Pareve by the Orthodox Union. A variety of functional, physical, and sensory attributes of Fibersol®-2, digestion resistant maltodextrin, will bring opportunities to food and beverage applications.

Soluble Dietary Fiber:

Fibersol®-2 is a 90% minimum dry solids basis soluble dietary fiber (in accordance with AOAC method #2001.03) and one of the most economical fiber sources available. Fibersol®-2 digestion resistant maltodextrin analytically meets the definition of dietary fiber for nutrition labeling purposes, as published by the American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC). Nutritionally, Fibersol®-2 meets the criteria accepted to define dietary fiber as determined by the Institute of Medicine in the 2002 Dietary Reference Intakes Report for Fiber*.  Fibersol®-2 is a fiber ingredient that can easily be incorporated into all types of beverages, processed foods, cultured dairy products, frozen dairy desserts, confections, dietary supplements and much more.

Color: Off-white powder; clear, transparent in 10% solution; resists both enzymatic and non-enzymatic browning.
Flavor: No flavor, clean
Solubility: Water soluble up to 70% (w/w) at 20° C
Dispersibility: Excellent
Hygroscopicity: Very low
Stability: Acid, heat/retort processing and freeze/thaw stable
Viscosity: Very low; 15 cps, 30% solution at 30° C
Sweetness: Low, no sweetness
Bulk Density: Approx. 0.48 g per ml (30 lbs. per cubic foot)

Typical Chemical Properties

Water-soluble dietary fiber*: 90% minimum dry solids basis (in accordance with AOAC method #2001.03)**
Moisture: 6% maximum
Protein: None
Fat: None
Ash: 0.2% maximum
DE: 8 -12.5
Acidity: pH 4.0-6.0

*Fibersol®-2, digestion resistant maltodextrin, is a dietary fiber. This classification is consistent with both the American Association of Cereal Chemists’ and the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences’ (NAS) definitions of dietary fiber. In both cases, Fibersol®-2, digestion resistant maltodextrin, is classified as “resistant maltodextrin,” and in both cases, “resistant maltodextrin” is classified as a dietary fiber.

** In April 2001, AOAC formally approved analytical methodology (“Determination of Total Dietary Fiber and Resistant Maltodextrin in Select Foods by Combination of Enzyme-Gravimetric and LC,” AOAC method #2001.03), which measures digestion resistant maltodextrin