Fibersol Soluble Fiber

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Finished product attributes are key to a product’s success. With the push to make half of daily grain intake whole grains, consumers are becoming more aware of the valuable benefits that whole grains supply through antioxidants, B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium iron and fiber. However, when it comes to fiber content, not all whole grains are equal. When ADM R&D was asked to help increase the fiber content of a whole grain cereal product, Fibersol-2 was the best choice for reaching the required dietary fiber content. Our customer not only achieved the goal of making a cereal with the benefits of whole grain, but was able to increase the overall fiber content of the product to reach the finished product attributes that their consumers were looking for. Fibersol-2 helped close the gap on this fiber need.

Fibersol-2 AG

As consumers better understand the health benefits of increasing fiber in their diets, our customers have found unique and novel ways to meet consumer demands to supplement fiber intake.  ADM listened to the needs of this growing market and introduced Fibersol-2 AG. Fibersol-2 AG is highly dispersible and soluble in water, and is an ideal way for companies to formulate on-the-go products containing the fiber their customers are looking for. In addition, Fibersol-2 AG’s low sugar and caloric values provide a tremendous benefit to companies formulating it into their products.  Overall, it is the perfect carbohydrate for “better for you” product development needs. .  Fibersol-2 AG gives our customers confidence in bridging consumer demands into finished products and closing the gap on this growing market need.


Our customers ask and we supply. For example, when customers asked for a liquid form of fiber to increase the dietary fiber content of finished products, we developed Fibersol-LQ. Fibersol-LQ provides the fiber consumers need as well as the additional sweetness they desire. With its unique flavor and binding abilities, Fibersol-LQ helped a bakery customer take their line of whole grain breads to yet another level. Fibersol-LQ increased the fiber content of the whole grain breads along with the valuable antioxidants, B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium that come along with the use of whole grains. Fibersol-LQ has now become the way that this company bridges the gap on their dietary fiber needs.