Defining Fiber, Today

Fibersol® is included in the FDA’s dietary fiber definition. Dietary fiber is defined as having a physiological effect beneficial to human health.


Not only is Fibersol included on the FDA list of dietary fibers, it can fulfill consumer desires for tasty, fiber-full foods and beverages that are well tolerated, and have proven satiety benefits.


Fibersol is a digestion resistant maltodextrin.

  • Fibersol can be labeled as “soluble corn fiber,” “soluble vegetable fiber (corn),” “digestion resistant maltodextrin,” “resistant maltodextrin” or “maltodextrin.”
  • Each gram of Fibersol is 90 percent fiber and provides only 0.02 grams of sugar and 1.6 Kcal.
  • In addition, many studies have confirmed that Fibersol is well tolerated, even when tested at a consumption rate as high as 68 grams per day.
  • Fibersol’s physiological benefits have been demonstrated with over 20 years of clinical research and more than 100 published studies.

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