Fibersol Soluble Fiber

Consumers are seeking transparency and true facts about the foods and beverages they consume

The science behind Fibersol® provides transparency and scientific research in support of the product’s benefits.
ADM/Matsutani LLC is committed to continued and ongoing scientific research in the area of fiber and its effect on health and nutrition. More than 30 years of clinical research and more than 100 published studies and scientific data prove Fibersol’s success and performance, for a variety of application, formulation, labeling, and nutritional demands.

Fibersol has opportunities for potential claims, based on the scientific evidence and claim requirements depending on the regulatory framework.

Fibersol, science and consumers
Consumers can rely on a substantial amount of verified scientific information to ensure that the foods and beverages they consume deliver the nutritional or functional aspects they are seeking. 

Disclaimer: The above is for informational purposes only and is not provided as a suggestion for package claims. Any health related product claims using Fibersol must be based on the scientific standard and regulatory/legislative requirements of the relevant jurisdiction. Our customer is responsible for assuring that their claims are consistent with their final product formulation and all local laws and regulations.

Fibersol® is included in the FDA’s dietary fiber definition as resistant maltodextrin/dextrin.