Fibersol Soluble Fiber

Consumers want food and beverage options with fewer added sugars

Because of growing concerns about obesity and related health issues, consumer interest in low-calorie, reduced- and no-sugar products continues to increase. Many consumers simply equate sugar reduction with calorie reduction, but things aren’t always that simple. Since sugars also influence texture and other quality characteristics, formulators may attempt to maintain quality in other ways, and the resulting reformulations may not necessarily be lower in calories.

Fibersol® low-viscosity soluble prebiotic dietary fiber can replace many of the functional properties of sugar, offering a real option to reduce sugar and achieve caloric reduction.

Since Fibersol has little to no impact on taste or texture, it is an ideal drop-in solution for formulators seeking to add fiber and reduce sugar.

Because it contains very few simple sugars, Fibersol can:

  • help support label claims of low-/reduced-sugar; no-sugar added; sugar-free; and no-/reduced-calories
  • be used up to 10 grams (dry basis) in any application and still add only 0.20 grams of sugars (typical value) to any given formulation, well beyond more typical application rates
  • be especially helpful in light of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposal to require the labeling of all added sugars
  • provide an increased feeling of satiety, leaving consumers feeling fuller for longer periods of time

Consumers get the reduced sugars they want and the great taste they demand.

Balancing calories and taste is key, because consumers may want reduced sugar, but they will not sacrifice taste to get it. Fibersol gives formulators the ability to replace sugars and still provide tasty consumer-pleasing products. Fibersol provides solutions for significant sugar reduction and noticeable calorie reduction, depending on the application.

Watch and find out more about Low-Sugar, Low-Calorie Options with Fibersol®:

Fibersol® is included in the FDA’s dietary fiber definition as resistant maltodextrin/dextrin.