Fibersol Soluble Fiber

Consumers want to add fiber to their diets

Consumers are looking for fiber-full products.
Health professional and government authorities recognize dietary fiber intake as an important part of a diet associated with overall wellness. As a result, today’s consumers also consider dietary fiber a healthy option.

Even with these best of intentions, consuming enough dietary fiber on a daily basis can be challenging for today’s consumers, who often consume less than the recommended fiber intake, creating a fiber gap.

With Fibersol®’s functional benefits—which can enable a variety of label claims beyond simple fiber content—as well as our technical knowledge, resources and expertise, we can help close the fiber gap.

Fibersol® has the flexibility to help manufacturers market to consumers who are focused on a variety of wellness considerations, because Fibersol:

  • improves the nutritional profile and increases the fiber content of any food application without compromising taste or quality
  • can provide the added fiber, reduced sugar and prebiotics which are important to so many consumers today
  • helps weight management benefits including satiety, reduced sugar, added fiber, and prebiotic capabilities
  • can add fiber and reduce sugar with little to no impact on the taste or texture that remain very important to consumers

In addition to taste and texture, consumers are also concerned about tolerance.

Fibersol addresses three areas of consumer concern, the 3Ts of taste, texture, and tolerance:

  • adds no flavor of its own and can mask bitterness
  • has minimal viscosity with no texture/mouthfeel changes
  • is well tolerated and helps maintain intestinal regularity with minimal gastric discomfort

Food manufacturers can help close the fiber gap by offering healthy choices that are high in fiber—simply by adding Fibersol to their formulations.

Fibersol® is included in the FDA’s dietary fiber definition as resistant maltodextrin/dextrin.