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Answer the Call for Fiber-Forward Nutrition

Dietary fiber is top-of-mind for consumers seeking positive nutrition even though many fail to reach the recommended level of fiber in their diet.

What consumers believe about fiber

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Nearly 80% of consumers believe that fiber is important to their diet.1

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Fiber is the top ingredient consumers seek.1

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Nearly 2/3 of consumers say they are adding or increasing fiber in their diet, a 6% increase in recent years.2

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The desire for fiber is present on 22% of ALL eating and drinking occasions.1

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Consumers find these fiber benefits
most important to them:1

Healthy digestion 56%

Satiety 42%

Weight Management 37%

Suppresses Appetite 35%

Delays hunger 35%

Lowers cholesterol 32%

Regulates blood sugar 31%

Prevents heart disease 31%

Different generations require different approaches to fiber positioning

Today’s Fiber Gap

It can be a challenge to achieve the daily recommended value of fiber by consuming naturally high in fiber foods alone.

Current Daily Value (DV) for total dietary fiber:
28g per day (for typical 2,000 calorie per day diet)

There’s a fiber gap for consumers between adequate intake and actual intake, and as

"...surveys indicate that only about 5% of the population meets recommendations, and inadequate intakes have been called a public health concern."3

Fiber &
Digestive Health

Beyond healthy digestion, today’s consumers also care about holistic gut health due to the gut microbiome’s connection to overall wellbeing.

Fibersol® helps you meet two distinct consumer demands, with these benefits: healthy digestion and gut microflora support.

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Fiber &

Satiety means more to today’s consumers, prompted by everything from weight management efforts to holistic health concerns.

Fibersol® helps keep hunger at bay in foods—as well as beverages, where it can typically be difficult to deliver fiber.

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Fiber &
Proactive Health

Consumers are choosing wholesome foods in an effort to support their immune system and promote a better lifestyle, while avoiding specific health conditions.


  • is a prebiotic clinically shown to improve gut health, which plays an important role in immune function
  • helps maintain a healthy gut, where 70% of our immune system resides
  • is a prebiotic clinically shown to support gut health, which contributes to a healthy immune system
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Fiber &
Sugar Reduction

Consumers are on the lookout for "added sugars" on nutrition labels and want to see positive nutrition in sugar-reduced products.

Fibersol® helps support reduced-sugar formulation with an added nutritional boost of dietary fiber and corresponding ‘excellent source’ and ‘good source’ claims.


  • Mask bitterness
  • Balance the flavor profile
  • Improve mouthfeel
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Not all fiber is created equal!

Backed by over 30 years of extensive clinical research, and proven well tolerated as high as 68 grams per day, Fibersol® does it all, with:

  • Nutrition included in the FDA’s definition of dietary fiber
  • Repeat purchase opportunities, with over 4x the tolerance of inulin
  • Easy formulating, with clean taste and negligible impact on texture

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