Fibersol Soluble Fiber

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Brazilian Orange Grapefruit Hydro-Immune Shot

Check out how Fibersol® helps create a refreshing Brazilian Orange Grapefruit Hydro-Immune Shot—with 6g of prebiotic fiber and just 15 calories per serving!

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Vegan Mint Chocolate Chunk Frozen Dessert

Consumers want treats they can feel better about. This delightfully delicious Vegan Mint Chocolate Chunk Frozen Dessert is powered with well-tolerated dietary fiber and plant protein nutrition, and it’s low in sugar.

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Frozen Dessert Without a Lick of Added Sugars

If you’re going to switch up an indulgent, fan-favorite vanilla frozen dessert, it better be good! We did just that—creating a zero added sugar, high fiber version that is just as creamy and dreamy as the classic.

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Better-for-You Yogurt Smoothie

Find out how Fibersol® helps deliver a great-tasting reduced sugar yogurt smoothie, with 12% daily value fiber and >25% sugar reduction.

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Savory Hatch Green Chilies

Find out how we gave savory Hatch green chile clusters a satisfying crunch—and kept their wholesome ingredients intact. Fibersol® 2L dietary fiber keeps everything together, without adding extra calories, sugars or sweetness.

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Blueberry Acerola Superfruit Beverage

Find out how Fibersol® helps you give consumers a better start to their day—with no added sugars, only 25 calories, and 10g of prebiotic fiber.

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Better Than Ever Dried Cherries

Give kids and adults the soft and chewy fruit snacks they love, without hidden added sugars—and with a bonus boost of dietary fiber.

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Power Packed Apple Cinnamon Bites

See how our delicious apple cinnamon, yogurt-covered snack bites have all the answers: high-quality fiber and protein in an easy-to-eat format—with reduced sugar.

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Start-Your-Day-Right Breakfast Shake

See how Fibersol® delivers a nutritional function breakfast shake with on-the-go portability and the added benefit of satiety to keep hunger at bay.

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Choosing the right carbohydrate profile is key to finished product success.  Consumers and product developers both understand that not all carbohydrates are equal; benefits such as high fiber content and low sugars are important to the nutritional profile of a food product.  A customer asked ADM R&D to help reduce the sugar content and increase the fiber content of their canned tomato sauce.  They were able to replace part of the sugar in their formulation with Fibersol-2 and reduce sugar and total calories while adding fiber content.  Fibersol-2 was ideal in their application because it is stable and maintains fiber content during high-heat processing and acidic conditions.  With the help of Fibersol-2 and ADM R&D, the customer’s now “better-for-you” tomato sauce was a success.  With Fibersol-2, the proof is in the sauce.

Fibersol-2 AG

Oh, how sweet success can be.  When a customer came to ADM R&D to reduce the sugar and calories in their tableted confection, it became obvious that Fibersol-2 AG was the solution they needed.  Fibersol-2 AG’s larger particle size was designed to freely flow through tableting equipment, and the compressibility of the agglomerated powder is ideal for tableting.  Fibersol-2 AG has the same benefits of 90% soluble dietary fiber, low content of sugars, and lower caloric content (than 4 kcal/g carbohydrates) as Fibersol-2, in a readily dispersible and soluble form.  Using Fibersol-2 AG, the customer was able to produce a reduced-sugar, reduced-calorie tableted confection that perfectly met their needs.  A sweet success, if there ever was one!


Perfecting the binder system for particulate foods can lead to many a sticky situation.  Our customer wanted a corn syrup to bind their granola cluster product that would allow them to reduce the sugar content and add fiber.  Fibersol-LQ was the perfect fit, with its 25% sugar content, lower than most corn syrups, and its 75% dry basis soluble dietary fiber.  Fibersol-LQ also fit within their existing ingredient declaration parameters, as it can be labeled as “corn syrup” or “soluble corn fiber.”  Using Fibersol-LQ, the customer was able to produce a granola cluster that met their nutritional goals and gave them the functionality they needed.  A sticky situation no more!

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