Non-GMO Fibersol Non-GMO

What is non-GMO Fibersol?

Fibersol’s non-GMO products are produced from non-GMO corn under a robust non-GMO IP program.   These products are produced in accordance with the requirements of all EU relevant legislation with respect of GMO including their traceability.

Non-GMO Fibersol is available in several options:

A unique soluble dietary fiber that is not digested in the same manner as starch, and is fermented by microflora in the gut. Fibersol-2 is the powdered, mainstream Fibersol offering that also reduces sugars and calories, and provides additional functional properties. It is used in a wide variety of foods, beverages and supplements.

Agglomerated Fibersol®-2, specially designed for applications where rapid dispersion and quick dissolution are key, such as dry mix stick pack beverages, as well as when agglomeration offers a process advantage.

A liquid version of the unique soluble dietary fiber that is used when bulk handling is advantageous or for ease of dispersion or hydration, in products such as cereal bars, functional gummies, or beverages.

Why non-GMO matters
Consumers are demanding more information—from a product’s ingredient list to its origin—about the products they choose for themselves and their families, according to Mintel’s Global New Product Database. Consumer trends are driving demand in this space, and we are prepared to meet the needs of the market.

Offering this growing group of non-GMO options may be a key component to continued growth in the industry. More details on our robust non-GMO IP program are available; please contact your local sales representative for more information.