Fibersol®-LQ corn syrup, adds sweetness to snack bars Fibersol-LQ

What is Fibersol®-LQ?

Fibersol®-LQ corn syrup, a soluble corn fiber, has been specially designed for applications where added sweetness and humectancy are beneficial. It also facilitates ease of handling liquid product. Fibersol®-LQ corn syrup, a soluble corn fiber, is a unique, nutritionally-enhanced ingredient containing approximately 75 percent fiber on a dry solids basis. It is used to increase the fiber content of many foods, while adding sweetness and humectancy as additional benefits. Fiber fortification is simplified because Fibersol®-LQ is water-soluble, making fiber enhancements feasible in products such as frozen desserts, yogurts, beverages, cereals, dips, sauces, candy, and bars.

Physical characteristics:

Color: Amber, high clarity
Flavor: Slightly sweet, bland flavor, and odorless
Definition: Liquid dietary fiber and glucose
Viscosity: Viscous syrup consistency

Typical Essential properties

Total Solids, %: 75
Total Sugars, % dry basis: 25
Water Soluble Dietary Fiber,
(% dry solids basis):
75 AOAC method #2001.03
Calories, kcal/gram: 2.05 kcal/g (d.s.b.)
1.54 kcal/g (As is basis)
Ash %: 0.3 Max.
DE 28
pH: 3.5 – 5.5