Clean Label Bars Fibersol-DLQ

What is Fibersol®-DLQ?

With no inherent flavor of its own, Fibersol-DLQ is a convenient, clean-label friendly and easy-to-use functional ingredient that works well in a wide variety of foods and beverages.

Fibersol-DLQ is a corn syrup solid version of soluble corn fiber that offers approximately 75 percent soluble dietary fiber on a dry solids basis. Fibersol-DLQ, like its liquid counterpart Fibersol-LQ, has been specifically designed for developers who want their products to make a fiber claim, but do not require a higher percentage of fiber.


Color: White to light yellow powder, clear in 10% solution
Flavor: Slightly sweet (30% of sucrose), bland and odorless
Solubility: Water soluble ~75% (w/w) @ 20° C
Stability: Acid, heat/retort processing and freeze/thaw stable
Viscosity: Very low, (15cps, 30% solution @ 30° C)

Typical Chemical Properties

Water-soluble dietary fiber: 75% minimum dry solids basis (in accordance with AOAC Official Method 2001.03)
Ash: 0.2% maximum
DE: 20 min.