Parfait made with Fibersol-2L Fibersol-2L

Fibersol®-2L Formulation Benefits

Fibersol 2L is used in a wide range of food and beverage applications and is advantageous for ease of dispersion or hydration in products such as cereal bars, functional gummies, or beverages.

Fibersol-2L, a liquid version of Fibersol, is very easy for manufacturers to incorporate into their formulations, and is especially beneficial in reduced sugar formulations. Fibersol-2L can play a critical role in these formulations because it improves mouthfeel and flavor profiles of products that use zero-calorie sweeteners to replace nutritive sweeteners, while maintaining calorie and sugar reductions. Typically, the use of zero-calorie sweeteners can create an aftertaste or linger that a low level of Fibersol can make less noticeable.

Fibersol-2L may provide the following beneficial effects:

  • High solubility
  • Ease of handling
  • Increases total dietary fiber
  • No added flavor, taste
  • Transparent solution
  • Adds minimal viscosity
  • Heat and acid stable