Parfait made with Fibersol-2L Fibersol-2L

What is Fibersol®-2L?

Fibersol-2L, a liquid version of Fibersol-2, makes it even easier for manufacturers to incorporate dietary fiber into their formulations, while delivering the same lower calorie content and same level of fiber quality as Fibersol-2 with 90 percent soluble dietary fiber (dsb).

Fibersol-2L offers a high purity, well tolerated fiber and has a low calorie content (1.17 kcals), with the added benefits of liquid formulation. Liquid Fibersol-2L allows for bulk handling and ease of incorporation, saving manufacturers time, increasing their efficiency and lowering their costs. We do the hydration for you, so you get a smooth blend, yet benefit from skipping the mixing step, for increased efficiency and lower costs. Additionally, Fibersol is heat and acid stable, clear in solution and low in viscosity, which means food processors find it easy to use.

Color: Amber liquid, high clarity
Flavor: Bland
Solubility: Liquid form sold at 68.5% solids min. Does not crystallize.
Stability: Acid, heat/retort processing and freeze/thaw stable
Viscosity: Viscous syrup

Typical Chemical Properties

Water-soluble dietary fiber: 90% minimum dry solids basis (AOAC Official Method 2001.03)
DE:    8 – 12.5