Fibersol 2 Formulation Benefits Fibersol-2

Fibersol®-2 Formulation Benefits

  • Fibersol®-2 is a highly concentrated form of dietary fiber that is highly soluble in water, forming a clear solution
  • Fibersol®-2 adds minimal viscosity
  • Fibersol®-2 has no added flavor, taste or color
  • Fibersol®-2 can be dropped into any application with minimal formulation adjustments
  • Fibersol®-2 is heat, acid, shear and freeze/thaw stable, maintaining its fiber content under these conditions, allowing for ultimate formulation/food processing versatility
  • Fibersol®-2 delivers 1.6 kcal per gram (important for lower-calorie products), contains very few simple sugars (for consideration in “no sugar added” or “sugar free” claims) and can be used up to 10 grams (dry basis) in any application while providing only 0.20 grams of sugars (typical value)
  • 90 percent concentrated fiber
  • Low hygroscopicity in dry formulations
  • Fibersol®-2 creates minimal gastrointestinal distress, even at high usage rates
  • Fibersol®-2 enhances positive organoleptic attributes, such as improved mouth feel and bitterness masking, while contributing no flavor of its own—especially important for sugar-free and high-protein products