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Finished product attributes are key to a product’s success. With the push to make half of daily grain intake whole grains, consumers are becoming more aware of the valuable benefits that whole grains supply through antioxidants, B vitamins, vitamin E, magnesium iron and fiber. However, when it comes to fiber content, not all whole grains are equal. When ADM R&D was asked to help increase the fiber content of a whole grain cereal product, Fibersol-2 was the best choice for reaching the required dietary fiber content. Our customer not only achieved the goal of making a cereal with the benefits of whole grain, but was able to increase the overall fiber content of the product to reach the finished product attributes that their consumers were looking for. Fibersol-2 helped close the gap on this fiber need.

When manufacturers want to formulate “better for you” products, they often look to fiber to provide a nutritional boost. A bakery customer wanted to reformulate their line of “better for you” bakery products to achieve an “excellent source of fiber” claim on their label, without changing the essential qualities of the products that their consumers knew and loved. They turned to ADM’s R&D team to investigate whether Fibersol®-2 could provide the fiber they needed for their bakery products. Fibersol®-2 allowed them to increase their fiber content with minimal formulation adjustments, providing a highly stable, 90 percent concentrated form of soluble dietary fiber, all while maintaining the sensory and functional properties they wanted in their finished products, and achieving a calorie reduction by replacing 4 kcal/g carbohydrates. The R&D team assisted them in every step of developing formulations and prototypes, and helped them meet their goals quickly and cost efficiently. The customer had a very successful launch of their reformulated bakery products, and they have since worked with our R&D team on several reformulation projects. Find out why the Fibersol® line of products is the fiber fit for all your formulation needs.