An agglomerated form of digestive resistant maltodextrin containing 90 percent dietary fiber, Fibersol®-2AG is specially designed for applications where rapid dispersion and quick dissolution are required. A spray-dried powder, Fibersol®-2AG is free flowing and readily dispersible in water, and it maintains or improves desired attributes.

Formulation Benefits

Fibersol®-2AG is an agglomerated form of Fibersol®-2 that provides rapid dispersion and quick dissolution in water, essential characteristics for products that require low bulk density, ideal particle size for proper flow properties, increased oil absorption, and more. It also can mask bitterness, help balance the flavor profile and improve mouthfeel in sugar-free and high-protein products.

  • Increases total soluble fiber
  • 90 percent concentrated fiber
  • Highly soluble, with rapid dispersion & quick dissolution
  • Requires minimal formulation & process adjustments
  • Adds minimal viscosity and no flavor, taste or color
  • Masks metallic taste of high-intensity sweeteners
  • Forms a clear solution
  • Low hygroscopicity in dry formulations

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Nutrition & Labeling

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Typical Chemical Properties

Water-soluble dietary fiber*: 90% minimum dry solids basis (in accordance with AOAC method #2001.03)**
Moisture: 7% maximum
Protein: None
Fat: None
Ash: 0.2% maximum
DE: 8-12.5
Acidity: pH 4.0-6.0
Dispersability: Extremely rapid dispersion in liquid applications with minimal agitation


With exceptionally rapid dispersion and quick dissolution, Fibersol®-2AG’s long list of attributes benefit a variety of applications where low bulk density is needed: beverages including instant hand stir-in and shake concepts, instant spice mix and gravy concepts, supplements including tablets and capsules, table top sweeteners, and more.

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Baking Up Successful Products

A bakery customer wanted an “excellent source of fiber” claim, without changing the essence of their better-for-you bakery products that consumers knew and loved. They turned to our R&D team, who used Fibersol®-2 to boost the dietary fiber content, maintain the sensory and functional properties—and in the process, achieve a calorie reduction in the finished products.

The result: A very successful launch of the customer’s reformulated products.