A clean label, gluten-free soluble corn fiber containing 90 percent dietary fiber, Fibersol®-2 digestion-resistant maltodextrin can be used in a variety of food applications with minimal formulation adjustments. It doesn’t affect taste or viscosity and can maintain or improve desired attributes.

Formulaton Benefits

Fibersol®-2 is a highly concentrated dietary fiber with excellent water solubility. It is highly versatile since it maintains its fiber content under many conditions. Fibersol®-2 delivers 1.6 kcal per gram and contains very few simple sugars, making it an ideal solution for lower- calorie ‘no sugar added’ or ‘sugar free’ products. It also can mask bitterness and help balance the flavor profile and improve mouthfeel in sugar-free and high-protein products.

  • Increases total soluble fiber
  • 90 percent concentrated fiber
  • Requires minimal formulation & process adjustments
  • Heat, acid, shear and freeze/thaw stable
  • Adds minimal viscosity
  • Contributes no added flavor, taste or color
  • Forms a clear solution
  • Low hygroscopicity in dry formulations

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Nutrition & Labeling

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Typical Chemical Properties

Water-soluble dietary fiber: 90% minimum dry solids basis (in accordance with AOAC method #2001.03)
Moisture: 6% maximum
Protein: None
Fat: None
Ash: 0.2% maximum
DE: 8-12.5
Acidity: pH 4.0-6.0


With minimal formulation adjustments and no effect on taste or viscosity, Fibersol®-2’s functional, physical, and sensory attributes benefit a long list of applications: baked goods and snacks including nutritional bars, beverages, dairy foods, confections, dips and sauces, breakfast cereals, dry mixes, and more.

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Baking Up Successful Products

A bakery customer wanted an “excellent source of fiber” claim, without changing the essence of their better-for-you bakery products that consumers knew and loved. They turned to our R&D team, who used Fibersol®-2 to boost the dietary fiber content, maintain the sensory and functional properties—and in the process, achieve a calorie reduction in the finished products. The result: A very successful launch of the customer’s reformulated products.

THE RESULT: A very successful launch of the customer's reformulated products.