Fibersol Soluble Fiber

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The fibre to meet today’s desires

In today’s changing landscape, fibre is so much more than a great way to ensure regularity. Fibersol® soluble dietary fibre brings positive nutrition to your products, so you can meet consumer demand regarding digestive health, sugar reduction, and proactive health.

What is Fibersol®?

A full line of well-tolerated soluble dietary fibre ingredients made from corn, Fibersol® can be labeled simply as “soluble corn fibre.” It can be used in a wide variety of applications including: beverages, bars, baking & snacks, dairy and nutraceutical products. Fibersol® is brought to you through a joint venture between ADM and Matsutani.

The Fibersol® advantage

It’s easy to formulate with Fibersol® because it disperses well and has a clean taste and smooth finish. FIbersol® is available in a variety of optimised products to meet your specific needs, with application support powered by Matsutani’s science and ADM’s breadth of portfolio.

Science you can trust

Fibersol® is backed by over 30 years of extensive clinical research and scientific data, with proven success and performance for a variety of application, formulation, labeling, and nutritional demands.

International award-winning ingredient

Fibersol® has been recognised as the ‘Ingredient of the Year: Prebiotic’ at the 2021 NutraIngredients Asia Award.

What the judges said: They admired the extensive research, evidence of significant commercial uptake, and the range of health benefits that can be delivered.

*Disclaimer: When considering label claims, please contact your local ADM team for information relevant to Australia & New Zealand.

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