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Weight Management

No Weight Debate

Amid constant debates in the food industry about everything from sodium to food dyes, one thing is certain: Consumers are continually trying to lose weight. According to the International Food Information Council’s (IFIC) “2012 Food & Health Survey,” more than half of Americans are dieting. Dietary fiber tops the list of ingredients used in weight-management formulations and is promoted in many popular diets, including Atkins, Weight Watchers and South Beach.

Going the Distance

With many popular weight-management products highlighting fiber due to its nutritional benefits, it is considered an important tool to help consumers manage their body weight. From a formulation standpoint, however, adding fiber can be a challenge. Fibersol’s line of fiber ingredients offers the solution by allowing developers to improve the nutritional profile and increase the fiber content of virtually any application without compromising the taste, quality or enjoyment for your consumer. The many functional benefits of Fibersol, such as reducing calories and sugar and providing an important impact on satiety, can make it ideal for weight-management products. And because Fibersol is 90% fiber and acid-, heat- and process-stable, it is easy to formulate in beverages and bars—the most popular weight-management products). Therefore, Fibersol packs a lot of formulation punch.

Fibersol®-2 can provide a feeling of fullness, an important component of satiety often desired in weight-loss products. In conjunction with this feeling, Fibersol-2 also has an impact on certain food-intake hormones.

Calorie Challenger

Fibersol-2 has uniquecharacteristics that make it ideal for beverage fortification. It can be dissolved at levels as high as 70% w/w in water to make a transparent solution while being stable in acidic conditions and at elevated temperatures.

Fibersol-2 is tasteless, odorless, adds minimal viscosity and contains only 1.6 kcals/g and only 0.2 g of sugars per 10 g. It can be used to achieve a reduction in total calories and sugars when used to replace 4 kcal/g of carbohydrates. (Fibersol®-LQ and Fibersol®-HS have 1.54 and 1.95 kcal/g substitution levels, respectively). For the consumer, there will be no unexpectedmouthfeel or texture changes. In beverages with high-intensity sweeteners, Fibersol-2 can help to improve the overall flavor.

Processor Perspective

Fibersol-2 is an easy-to-use powder that dissolves easily. The unique properties of Fibersol-2 allow soluble fiber to be included in any type of beverage at high levels without any negative effects on consumer acceptability. Additionally, Fibersol-2 and Fibersol®-2AG also work well in dry mixes.

Fibersol-2 meets the requirements for GRAS status as maltodextrin and can be labeled as maltodextrin. Being produced in a way that qualifies Fibersol-2 as fiber, it can also be labeled as resistant maltodextrin, digestion resistant maltodextrin or soluble corn fiber. For the nutrition facts panel, 100 g of Fibersol-2 contributes 90 g soluble dietary fiber (mfb), 2 g sugar, and 160 calories. In addition, Fibersol-2 is kosher certified.

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