Fiber and Protein Bars

Fiber & Protein

Protein’s Powerful Push

Consumers are always seeking food and beverage products that promote healthy weight management. Protein has been mentioned in numerous studies as an ingredient that can help promote healthy body weight based on reports that indicate increasing protein intake can increase thermogenesis and satiety.

Fiber’s Fit

One proposed way that dietary fiber affects satiety is by the stimulation of specialized cells in the gut that secrete satiety hormones that signal fullness to the feeding centers in the brain. These satiety hormones affected by fiber can include different hormones affected by protein. Therefore, satiety through fiber enrichment is a natural approach to protein-enhancement in food formulations.

In a clinical study, people who consumed Fibersol®-2 tended to have a delay in post-meal hunger and felt fuller longer along with having an increase in specific satiety hormones PYY and GLP-1 compared to those who didn’t consume Fibersol-2. As a result, Fibersol-2 may complement protein in helping delay post-meal hunger.

Form Follows Function

Using Fibersol-2 in protein-enriched formulations can help increase satiety and assist consumers with their weight management efforts. In addition, Fibersol-2 enhances positive organoleptic attributes such as improved mouthfeel and bitterness masking while contributing no flavor of its own, which is especially important for high-protein products.


The Fibersol® line of ingredients can provide sweetness and binding function in protein bars and snacks. In such products, Fibersol-2 requires minimal formulation and process adjustments, increases total soluble fiber, adds minimal viscosity and is heat-stable. It also adds crispness to baked snacks and delays staling to extend shelf life. Applications include crackers, energy bars, trail mixes, cereal bars and beverages.

Fibersol-2 has unique characteristics that make it ideal for protein-enhanced beverage fortification. It can be dissolved at levels as high as 70 percent w/w in water to make a transparent solution while being stable in acidic conditions and elevated temperatures. Once dissolved, the solution will be transparent. The unique properties of Fibersol-2 allow soluble fiber to be included in any type of beverage at high levels without any negative effects on consumer acceptability.

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