Dairy Applications

Dairy Applications*

Fibersol®’s line of fiber ingredients allows you to develop dairy products for health conscious consumers that gives them all the dietary fiber they need without sacrificing the taste, aroma and texture they want. And with the other functional benefits such as replacing calories from sugar and fat, along with providing an increased feeling of satiety, you can have it all with Fibersol®!

Compatible with All Dairy Products

Fibersol®’s line of fiber ingredients is compatible with all dairy product applications. This includes fluid, frozen, cultured and fermented dairy foods. Fibersol® is stable under all processing and packaging conditions, and maintains fiber content during culturing or fermenting.

Improve Flavor, Mouthfeel and Sweetness

Fibersol® can significantly improve the flavor of dairy foods by influencing taste (i.e., mouthfeel). Fibersol® also improves the flavor of low solids dairy foods, classical acidic products and dairy foods to which other flavors may be added.

For Gut Health Products

Studies show that Fibersol® is digestion resistant, and this translates to more of the fiber reaching the lower bowel to promote fermentation. This provides potential benefits for gut health and can support “good-for-you” structure/function claims for qualifying product.

Fluid Dairy Type Products

  • Nutritional formulas/shakes
  • Fortified/flavored milk type products
  • Yogurt type products
  • Smoothies
  • Coffee whiteners
  • Whipped toppings
  • UHT extended shelf-life (ESL) /aseptically packaged products

Cultured Dairy Type Products

  • Refrigerated cup yogurt type products
  • Sour cream type products, dips, dressings for salads
  • Other cultured dairy type products

Frozen (full fat, reduced fat, low)

  • Frozen desserts
  • Sugar free/no sugar added frozen desserts
  • Low/reduced fat frozen desserts
  • Gelato, sorbet, water ices
  • Full, low, no fat frozen yogurts
  • Novelties
  • Other frozen dairy confections

Fermented Type Products

  • Natural cheeses
  • Processed cheeses