ADM Matsutani


Clinical Research

Over 20 years of clinical studies, more than 100 peer-reviewed papers—including a Meta Analysis of 37 studies on the attenuation of post prandial blood glucose—have shown that Fibersol® has physiological benefits.

Clinical research and studies are ongoing. For a list of published studies, contact your local sales person.


Supply Chain / Logistics

The full line of Fibersol® fiber ingredients are made here in America, providing consistent quality, abundant supply and reliable delivery. We believe that quality is essential. ADM meets the highest standards for quality, safety and reliability, allowing for a quick and effective response to a customer’s needs.

The joint venture also has access to ADM’s vast transportation network, which provides the flexibility to move assets with great efficiency wherever and whenever they are needed.


Research & Development

Fibersol® benefits from the research and development support of both ADM and Matsutani, giving the company vast tools to focus on functional solutions for our customers. ADM has the ability to assist customers with basic bench and analytical research. Our applications support teams assist customers with solutions tailored to their needs.  And when it is time for our customers to test formulations and finished products, ADM’s culinary facilities and sensory experts offer a range of services.