Trail Bars with Fibersol-SF Fibersol-SF

Fibersol®-SF Formulation Benefits

Fibersol-SF soluble corn fiber, fructose syrup is ideal in specialized applications. Fibersol-SF contains water-soluble dietary fiber and is a simple way to fortify food products with fiber, as it contains 72% min. dietary fiber on a dry solids basis, with the additional benefits of sweetness and moisture retention. In addition, the fructose in Fibersol-SF has an immediate, intense sweetness that dissipates quickly and allows later flavors such as fruit flavors to come through more cleanly than with dextrose. Additionally, fructose does not readily crystallize.

Fibersol- SF may provide the following beneficial effects:

  • High solubility
  • Ease of handling
  • Approximately 30% as sweet as sucrose
  • Humectant properties
  • Increases total dietary fiber
  • Bland, sweet taste
  • Transparent solution
  • Adds minimal viscosity
  • Fiber is heat and acid stable