Trail Bars with Fibersol-SF Fibersol-SF

What is Fibersol®-SF

Fibersol-SF soluble corn fiber and fructose syrup has been specially designed for applications where sweetness and moisture retention are beneficial in addition to fiber enrichment. For example, in cereal bars, the presence of fructose will help to keep the bar soft during shelf life.  Fiber fortification is simplified because the fiber is water-soluble, low viscosity, process stable and clear in solution. Liquid Fibersol-SF also facilitates bulk handling and ease of incorporation.

Fibersol-SF contains 72% min. soluble fiber on a dry solids basis that is produced from
cornstarch. The fiber is not digested in the same manner as starch, and it is fermented by
microflora in the colon.

Color: Amber, high clarity
Flavor: Slightly sweet, bland and odorless
Solubility: Liquid form is sold at 73.5% solids min. Does not crystallize.
Stability: Acid, heat/retort processing and freeze/thaw stable
Viscosity: Viscous syrup

Typical Chemical Properties

Water-soluble dietary fiber: 72% minimum dry solids basis (in accordance with AOAC Official Method 2001.03)
Ash:  0.3% maximum
DE:    20 min.