Fibersol®-HS Labeling & Certification Fibersol-HS

Fibersol®-HS Labeling & Certification

Ingredient Statement

Fibersol®-HS can be labeled as Fibersol®-2 (soluble corn fiber), honey, purified steviol glycosides.

Fiber Claim*

  • 3.4g of Fibersol®-HS (2.5g fiber)/serving “Good source of fiber”
  • 6.7g d.s.b. of Fibersol®-HS (5.0g fiber)/ serving “Excellent source of fiber”

*In support of nutrient content claims, factors such as the amount of total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium in the finished food must be taken into account to allow a claim.


  • Nutritional Statement
  • Allergen Statement
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
  • OU Letter of Certification (Kosher/Parve)

Please contact your local sales representative for a copy of these certifications.