Fibersol®-HS Formulation Calculator Fibersol-HS

Fibersol®-HS Formulation Calculator

How to add fiber and formulate Fibersol®-HS

This calculator has been built to understand how to incorporate Fibersol®-HS into an established formulation in order to increase the fiber content of a finished product. Follow the steps below to see how Fibersol®-HS can be incorporated. All figures have been rounded to ensure the minimum intended fiber content has been met.

All calculations are ultimately the responsibility of the user. Fibersol®-HS fiber content is 78%.

Step One:

Determine the amount of fiber wanted to be achieved with the addition of Fibersol-HS into a finished product, per gram basis. ?

Amount of Fibersol-HS used to achieve the above fiber content

Step Two:

Determine the serving size, in gram weight, of the final product into which Fibersol-HS is being incorporated. ?

Amount of Fibersol-HS to be incorporated into formula as a percentage:
Possible fiber source claim achieved when all parameters are met
* Please refer to CFR Title 21 Database when making claims