Fibersol®-HS Case Study Fibersol-HS

Fiber Fit for Cereal

Consumers want to reduce the amount of sugar and calories they consume, but how can companies give them that in the products they know and love?  Our customer was asking that very question about their honey-flavored Greek yogurt.  They turned to ADM R&D, and found that the answer to their question was Fibersol-HS.  The unique blend of Fibersol-2, honey, and stevia in Fibersol-HS made it an ideal way to reduce the liquid honey—and the sugars and calories that come with it—in their product while maintaining its sweetness and mouthfeel, and adding a healthy boost of soluble dietary fiber, too.  With Fibersol-HS, their reduced sugar and calorie Greek yogurt was a resounding success, and they’ve never been so happy to say it’s all Greek to them!

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