Fibersol-HS Fiber Ingredient Replacement for Liquid Honey and Sugar for use in Beverages Fibersol-HS

What is Fibersol®-HS?

Fibersol®-HS is composed of Fibersol®-2 soluble dietary fiber, honey solids, and purified steviol glycosides, and has been specially designed for applications where replacing liquid honey and sugar to reduce calories and adding fiber are beneficial. Honey provides great taste and flavor. Purified steviol glycosides naturally sweeten without adding calories, and Fibersol®-2 provides water-soluble dietary fiber. The ingredients are converted to a free-flowing powder using a proprietary spray-drying process. Fibersol®-HS contains 78 percent soluble dietary fiber on a dry solids basis. Fibersol®-HS may replace sugar or other 4 kcal per gram sweeteners with up to 70 percent calorie reduction while providing additional fiber, making it an ideal ingredient to use for fiber enhancement, and can provide a “good source” or “excellent source” of fiber claim for food products, assuming all other conditions are met. Fibersol®-HS can be used in baked goods and cereals, snacks and confectionary, beverages, and dairy applications as a convenient replacement for liquid honey and sugar to reduce calories and add fiber.

Physical characteristics:

Color: Light yellow
Flavor: Mild honey, consistent, uniform sweet flavor

Typical Essential properties

Honey Solids, %: 15
Total Sugars, % dry basis: 17
Water Soluble Dietary Fiber , % dry solids basis: 78*
Calories, kcal/gram: 1.95
Moisture %: 2.5
Ash %: 0.4

*In April 2001, AOAC formally approved analytical methodology (“Determination of Total Dietary Fiber and Resistant Maltodextrin in Select Foods by Combination of Enzyme-Gravimetric and LC,” AOAC method 2001.03), which measures digestion resistant maltodextrin