Cereal Applications

Cereal Applications*

Fibersol®’s line of fiber ingredients allows you to develop cereals for health conscious consumers that gives them all the dietary fiber they need without sacrificing the taste, aroma and texture they want. And with the other functional benefits such as replacing calories from sugar and fat, along with providing an increased feeling of satiety, you can have it all with Fibersol®!

Fibersol® can be used to enhance the dietary fiber content of a number of cereal applications, both through the addition of Fibersol® into the base cereal as well as through cereal coatings.

Compatible with Cereal Products:

  • Requires minimal formulation and process adjustment
  • Increases total soluble fiber
  • Stable in high-temperature extrusion coating
  • Adds soluble dietary fiber in cereal coating
  • Heat stable
  • Adds minimal viscosity

Fibersol Products May Provide the Following Benefical Effects in Ready-to-Eat Cereals:

  • Adds soluble dietary fiber in the base cereal pieces
  • Adds soluble dietary fiber in cereal coating
  • Used to reduce sugar in coating applications
  • Low viscosity; will not clog spray nozzles
  • Can be used in high total solids solutions

Fibersol Products May Provide the Following Benefical Effects in Hot Cereals:

  • Easily dry blended
  • Quick hydration
  • Low color
  • Low impact on texture
  • Low water absorption compared to other soluble and insoluble fibers


Hot Cereals

  • Dry blended type cereals

Ready-to-Eat Cereals

  • Flaked cereals
  • Extruded flake cereals
  • Gun puffed whole grain cereals
  • Extruded gun puffed cereals
  • Oven puffed cereals
  • Whole grain shredded cereals
  • Extruded shredded cereals
  • Granola cereals

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